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I am an academic writer, teacher, lecturer of Religious Studies & English, Anthropologist, Ethnographer and #Wica Pioneer. My latest book,  ‘The Witches Ways in the Welsh Borders: Ethnography of Contemporary and Historical Customs of Cunning Folk Magic’ out now on Amazon.

In this work, the culmination of over 14 years of research,  I met some wonderful people and was a witness to incredible feats of healing, magic and spell craft, all in my locale and on my doorstep. For the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean is resplendent with life; animals; some rare, thrive in this very beautiful environment in woods untouched for hundreds of years. From season to season they all stand proud along the valley corridor.

It is a powerfully spiritual place too, full of the energy of the goddess Abundantia, goddess of abundance and who also gave her name to this ancient forest,SamHain hence ‘Dean’. Her energy seems to vibrate all around us attracting spiritual/magical people and cunning folk.

My book describes this environment in minute details building on the historical past once discovered and written down by Margaret Eyre, a little known lady who lived in St. Briavels, in the latter part of the 19th century.  I also discuss  customs, life cycle rites, cultural identity, and practices of cunning folk, their idea of belief in Fairies, woodland deities, and duo-theistic worship.

It also records conversations with these contemporary practitioners of magic, witchcraft and alchemy and their rites, which led me to become a ‘Wican’ (one C) pioneer!

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